Elmwycke is a micronation located within Walton-on-Thames, SE England.

Breaking: Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Founded in June 2015, Elmwycke's history starts with the Vanburgh Kingdom.

In 2019, the Republic of Fishmore, later known as the Baffin Republic was founded. In 2021, the Baffin Republic and Waterside Park merged. In 2022, the nation was renamed to Elmwycke.

We've now signed multiple treaties of mutual recognition, and we're a part of 3 seperate organisations.


You can apply for citizenship if you live in south-east Britain and you're older than 13.

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Our Government

The College is made up of 6 seats representing 3 constituencies, and a 7th seat, held by the reigning Monarch, who also acts as Speaker of the College.

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Our Discord Server

Join our discord server to communicate with citizens and the government.

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