Our Government

Learn more about the College, the Supreme Court, and the Monarch.

The College

The College of Waterside Park is the legislative branch of the government.

Made up of 7 seats, 2 for every constituency and one for the reigning monarch, it represents the people of Waterside Park to the government.

The Prime Minister is whomever leads the party holding the most seats in the College, currently Jerry Qian of the Competent Fools' Party.

The constituencies are:

Waterside Park #1 (Jerry Qian)
Waterside Park #2 (Joe Seth)
Waterside Park Park North #1 (Liam Piper)
Waterside Park Park North #2 (Adam Wang)
Waterside Park Park South #1 (Calvin Harrington)
Waterside Park Park South #2 (Nayan Serpant)
Waterside Palace (Larry Martin)

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Waterside Park is the judiciary branch of the government.

The Supreme Judge is an official elected every year by every citizen.

The current Supreme Judge is Caleb Sundstrom.

The Monarch

The Monarch of Waterside Park is the head of state and government.

The Monarch has the ability to pass and veto laws.

The current reigning monarch is Larry Martin.